Fluffy and puffy Turkey, the kitty,
Bugging the neighbors to ask for tree-fiddy,
Smoking a hookah and blowing smoke rings
These are a few of my favorite t'ings~

This is my weirdest procrastination outlet so far.  To overanalyze, maybe it's because I recently had a conversation about reading books but having nobody to discuss them with, and how that makes it frustrating to read because you're left wanting to debate your own opinion but have to bottle it up.  It's not just books.  It's the latest TV show, Netflix original, small-venue music concert, meetup lecture, etc. Maybe I'll throw some random things out there once in a while and see if anybody relates.  This month's category:

Mobile Games

  • Love You to Bits, Office Quest [iOS] - Point/click adventures that are super charming, kinda funny, super cute.
  • Super Mario Run [iOS] - I've said it before and I'll say it again... Super Mario Run = Super Mario Fun.
  • Tomb Raider GO, Deus Ex GO [iOS] - Great puzzles games.  Easy mechanics, but sometimes really hard puzzles.
  • Framed [iOS] - Another great puzzle game.  They made a sequel too.
  • Sonny [Android]- a free JRPG with a passable story, decent fight system and decent difficulty progression.  Music and effects aren't bad either.

Some of these might be on multiple platforms at this point... I only listed what I played them on.

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